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Termite Signs

termite chemical treatment diagram


Termite Chemical Treatment

Termites are unable to gain entry due to the chemical barrier as pictured above.

Anyone in the Blue Mountains area is at serious risk of being invaded with termites or similar pests in their home or business.

Being aware of the early signs of termites might be the one thing that saves your home or business from extensive damage and costs. One of the first signs of termites invading your home or business is the presence of flying / winged termites.

These termites are reproductive termites that have relocated and are looking to start up a new colony so if you’ve seen any loose wings around your home or sawdust around the walls and crevices of your home, then you most likely have termites inside your home.

Signs Of Termites In The Blue Mountains Area

termite shelter tubes

Shelter Tubes

The picture on the left shows the underground of a home that has had serious termite damage and has freestanding shelter tubes hanging from the joists.

Circled is where the termites have started building the shelter tubes up from the ground to reach the hanging tunnels.

Mud Tubes

What you can see pictured to the right are what is called “Mud Tubes” these are like the termites highways. They’re pieces of wood and earth stuck together with a glue-like secretion.

Termites usually build these to say protected against ants and to avoid exposure towards the light. Mud tubes are pretty much the termite’s connection between their underground colony, your home and their food source.

termite mud tubes

hardwood beam, damaged

Damaged Hardwood Beams

This is a common hardwood beam found in many structural elements in homes and businesses across the Blue Mountains.

If you look closely you can see how the termites have started eating the hardwood beam in layers. Termites tend to usually start with the softer outside grain of the wood in the springtime before moving towards the hard dense wood in the middle.

Hanging Mud Tubes

These hanging mud tubes are usually about 1/4 inch in diameter and can termites can usually build them about to several feet long.

If you find any signs of these hanging mud tubes in your garage, home or basement then to you need to call ABC Pest Control urgently for an immediate termite inspection.

hanging mud tubes

damaged wood, eaten wood, termites

Eaten Wood

Termites when they've eaten wood leave behind traces of "soil" that they carry in their bodies for the construction of tunnels.

So you can see some of termites' soil has been left behind, if you've spotted any soil or damaged wood you need to call ABC Pest Control immediately for a quick and effective termite inspection in the Blue Mountains.

base boards damaged by termites

damaged wood, damaged timber, termites

Damaged Wood and Damaged Base Boards

If you've noticed dark or blistered wood flooring, walls or roofing around your home it means you have a termite infestation. Another sign of termites is if your floors, walls or ceilings can be easily scratched with a kitchen knife.


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Termite Signs
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